Fashion Friday: Wearing CHARLOTTE STREET

Charlotte Street

ABOUT THE BOOK: See my review of Charlotte Street here.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My heart broken little lady, this blue wool coat is the only one you own and the contrast with your blonde hair is striking. So much so, that it catches the eye of one unfortunate reviews writer. You flash a smile at him in the street when he helps you with your shopping bags, and he’s lost to the wonderful torment of love.

When he picks up your shopping, you drop your camera (re: camera phone case). By the time he grabs it, you’ve already darted off in these salmon tipped pumps that (perfectly!) match the cover. And he’s left with only these pictures for clues to your identity.

Perhaps you wouldn’t have dropped your camera if you had a more practical purse! This wallet shows your love for England (especially when you go on your trip around the world) but isn’t big enough for all of your scattered pieces.

*These large opaque Burberry (London’s top brand) sunglasses will hide most of your face as you are stalking, or as you like to think benignly following, ex-boyfriends and potential clue holders.  These pen earrings remind you of your job as a reviews editor and your burgeoning desire to use your writing to help people that you care about.

Wear this ridiculous shirt when you already feel out of place at concerts with Abby, at least people will think you have a sense of humor, right? The t-shirt combined with this structured skirt (fit for the office but also flirty) shows you’re eclectic.

Finally, top it off with this nail polish that matches your shoes and the cover. Feel shitty, look pretty. That’s your motto. As you blog about your heart break, little do you know a funny, tortured man is vying for your heart. And he will win it!

*Note: this paragraph and the following one describe the male protagonist. I didn’t  put together a man’s outfit, because I like ladies fashion better (sorry dudes).

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4 Responses to Fashion Friday: Wearing CHARLOTTE STREET

  1. themadething says:

    I love the pumps. I’m really into the current chunky heel trend (hello, comfortable heels!) and would be completely committed to them if they had that feature. But still, they do match it perfectly!


  2. Such a cute post and idea. I love the skirt!! x


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