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It’s Monday FUNday! And a bone chilling -2 degrees outside. Negative two degrees. I looked at my phone this morning and thought, that can’t be real. When I went downstairs, I found it a little more believable. The lower floor … Continue reading

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Snow day

This is the view from my office window today. The snow is much prettier when the sun is out! UPDATE** Snow Days are officially old as of 1/27/2011. Planet, please get the message. Thx.

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I was stumbling at work on Friday afternoon, because I had nothing to do and came across the following cool things: Mark Twain once said, “When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.” –He’s clever. I should live here … Continue reading

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You know how sometimes you go to another place (especially out of the country) and it kind of feels like you haven’t actually gone anywhere? For example, I went to Vancouver my senior year in high school and it really … Continue reading

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Two new Harvard books

Ok, I’ve decided that I’m going to do some promotional for HHP, so bear with me. I mean, I blog at work. I feel like I should at least give them some publicity on my ever-so-popular site. The first book, … Continue reading

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