You know how sometimes you go to another place (especially out of the country) and it kind of feels like you haven’t actually gone anywhere? For example, I went to Vancouver my senior year in high school and it really just felt like another American city: people spoke English and took American money. But when the four of us girls stepped off of the bus in Montreal,  we actually felt like we were in a different country.

The cab driver tried to speak to us in English, we all nodded, laughed, and “uh-huhed” at the right times but left there asking, Did you understand any of that? In the meantime,I’m thinking why didn’t I ever learn any French!? I have years of Spanish under my belt, but not a single year of French. Pretty much the only words I can say are Bonjour and Voila! I remember as a kid wondering why people said waaa – laaa when ever something worked right and was pretty sure someone just made it up so people looked dumb.

Overall, we really branched out in Canada. Our first day in Montreal we checked into the hostel and went in search of a bar with cheap beer. Our second day in Montreal, we went in search of BBQ and then went clubbing for New Years Eve. Our third day in Montreal, we ate Mexican food. Horrible, horrible Mexican food. And three of us felt extremely ill. BBQin the North is decent. Mexican food is not. Minus the bad Mexican food and the French cabbie, it’s kind of like we never left the South.

In the bus on the way home to Boston (oooh look at that. I just called it home), we were essentially serenaded by a little girl singing Christmas song after Christmas song, which is cute for like upwards of an hour, but not seven. Anyway, I had a really good time. I kind of forgot what it’s like to have friends–they are pretty awesome, and they love Boston, too!

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