Rough Start

So, this morning I dragged my sleepy-eyed self out of bed at the usual 7 am. I threw on some clothes, ate breakfast, made lunch, and had about 15 minutes to kill before I needed to catch the bus. I don’t know how I got ready so early, but it happened.

I read in my living room until 7:55 when I ran out the door to catch the 8 am bus. One time I left the house at 7:58 and watched the bus go by as I was running to the stop (false advertising for an 8 am bus!). Fortunately, today I didn’t have to run painfully in high heels with my big awkward bagpurse flapping as I jogged. I meandered to the stop and waited. It wasn’t raining and the sun was just peaking out. I waited. A blast of wind blew the remaining droplets of water from a nearby tree onto my head. 8:05 and still waiting. My hair is now wet.  My feet hurt. NPR won’t stop talking about its stupid Fall fundraiser, so I can’t even go to my happy place. Bored. 8:15 still waiting.

The 8 am bus  decided to say a big screw you to all of those trying to get somewhere on time. At 8:20 a bus finally reared its ugly head. It was swarming with people. There is a yellow line you are supposed to stand behind and today I couldn’t because we were packed in like sardines. My bagpurse even got caught in the door when it opened, and I was anchored to the spot. So, I had to stand most of the way and I was 15 minutes late for work. Where I am now slacking off by writing this post.

On the bright side–oh yes, ye of litte faith, there is a bright side–below is a picture of what I got to look at while waiting 25 minutes for the bus.

ooohs and ahhhs are encouraged.

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7 Responses to Rough Start

  1. Sarah says:

    Lol I oohhed and ahhed at the picture. I love it! I miss changing leaves. Palm trees don’t change colors down here by the beach.


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