The Town

I’m obviously super bored and a total failure at my job because I’ve posted like 20 times today.

For some reason, I had it in my head that this was a large city. Evidently, I was wrong. On my commute I see essentially the same people everyday. So, I  Wiki-ed (clearly the most reliable source of information on the internet) Boston to find out more about the city and discovered that it is only home to a mere 645,169 in Boston city proper and only 4.5 million in the greater metropolitan area. The title of the movie The Town now seems far more appropriate.

This concerns me. Here I was, thinking that I would be able to talk obnoxiously loud on the phone while riding the bus and never worry about people overhearing my conversation–like on that website I’m totally in love with that site! The thought was exhilarating, since I’m from a city of only 191,930 (again, according to WIKI, which equals most awesomely accurate information ever), where I could hardly talk on the phone in my own car without worrying someone would overhear my juicy gossip.

Next thing you know, I’m going to know my bus driver’s name and hobbies, why the-white-guy-at-the-Waldo-Terrace-stop always sits in the far left corner (I have yet to see what happens when he doesn’t get to sit there. I’m convinced he’s OCD and am excited to witness the outcome), and what on Earth the-racially-ambiguous-guy-with-the-dreads-down-to-his-calves does that requires being on the bus everyday at 8 am (he can’t possibly have a real job, give me a break). Pretty soon, I’ll be telling my life story to the-Indian-girl-that-reads-the-paper and completely thwart my quest for anonymity in a new city.

Admittedly, being completely anonymous would be no fun. Nonetheless, it’s really lame when you see the same people you got off the bus with at 8:30, getting back on the bus with you at 5:30. In the rain. Especially since commuting is like one of the worst necessities ever. I tend to go to my happy place of NPR and Pandora and pretend I’m not on the bus, which is really difficult because I never know where to rest my eyes. I usually end up staring at someone. That never fails to be awkward. Speaking of buses, I’m going to miss mine if I don’t end this post. NOW.

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5 Responses to The Town

  1. Randal says:

    Ah, yes. I remember when I went to Boston I thought it was a big city. A cardiology fellow a year ahead of me and from Manhattan thumbed her nose at Boston for being such a small town.

    But, even though it isn’t a city with a huge population, the cultural diversity and the intellectual power there is pretty amazing.

    I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing. Glad things are working out so well for you in Beantown.


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