Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
Harper Perennial (2014)
320 pages, 4 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: Bad Feminist is a book of essays of Roxane Gay’s thoughts on feminism generally, as something that affects all women, and then more personally, how it is flawed and how being a “good” feminist isn’t all that fun sometimes.

Gay’s essays ask a lot of questions that she never really answers, like: Why do I like rap music when it’s inherently misogynistic? How can we get white feminists to care about and be educated about issues specific to women of color? I liked the open-endedness of Gay’s essays, because is there is never a simple answer to questions like these.

Gay discusses cultural issues with great knowledge, humor, and self-reflection. What makes her a bad feminist is being human, so aren’t we all bad feminists?

FASHION FRIDAY: My dear bad feminist, slip into these cotton leggings that look like pants. You can look incredibly put together, but really be dressed for yoga. They are man’s only real gift to women in the last couple of years.

Pair them with this loose fitting blouse, which evens out the look. It’s a perfect shirt for your days in the classroom, but can also transition into night time wear–should you ever go to a club and listen to music that’s not entirely in line with feminist thought.

Maybe heels are tools of the patriarchy and maybe “good” feminist don’t wear them, but you do what you want. These leather and suede booties with the metal tips make you feel powerful and sexy.

Coat your lashes with this Benefit mascara to complete the bad girl look. These earrings are pink, because, well, all of your accessories are pink. The pop of color brings some personality to your black and white outfit. Finally, this phone cover will remind you of two things: 1) You are flawless bad feminist and all, and 2) Beyonce is awesome.

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