Fashion Friday: Me Before You

Me Before You

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Pamela Dorman Books (Viking), 2012
369 pages, 3 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: Lou Clark works in a tea shop and loves her job. Her boyfriend, however, she’s not so sure about. When the tea shop closes down, she’s forced to look find work as a caregiver. Little does she know that her sarcastic-pain-in-the-ass patient, Will Traynor, will mean more to her than any man she’s ever known.

This is a classic romance plot line, but with a paraplegic hero. Will Traynor lost everything because of his accident: his job, his girlfriend, his will to live. But Lou brings a spark to his life that neither of them could have foreseen with her wild ideas of how to get him out of the house. How does she get a job taking care of a paraplegic without any medical experience? Lord knows.

I really enjoyed this book on a surface level: it was a heart wrenching novel that made me laugh and cry. BUT (the resounding “but”) Lou was extremely immature and annoying throughout the book. She is 26 lives with her parents, has a boyfriend who’s an idiot, works whatever job so she can help pay bills, fights with her sister over clothes, her room, you name it. Seriously, their screaming fights were so ridiculous that I couldn’t believe these were grown women.

I was able to overlook this though because I liked Will so much. However, in the end, he disappointed me as well. All in all this was an entertaining read and definitely a tear-jerker.

FASHION FRIDAY: My dear little caregiver, everyone likes to comment on your wild style, especially your love interest. One thing people fail to notice is how the way you dress strategically covers all of your skin. This mini skirt is full of fun, distracting colors, and you pair it with sheer black tights. Paint your nails this funky purple, which is both fun and melodramatic, just like you.

This long sleeved black shirt covers your arms and chest from prying eyes. The only eyes you don’t mind prying are Will’s (and maybe your boyfriend’s). Throw this pink raincoat over your ensemble, it will keep you dry through England’s rainy season. These boots/socks will keep you warm and dry as you push Will’s wheel chair through mud, grass, and other rough patches (physical or metaphysical).

This heart necklace is a reminder that life is fleeting and upredictable and it should be filled with love.

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2 Responses to Fashion Friday: Me Before You

  1. Catherine says:

    Pink? Suede? Trench? Love-love-love! Full-on love. And the book was good too!


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