Banned Books Week 2013

These 13 authors talk about why banning books sucks:

In honor of the Banned Books Week 2013, Open Road Media is featuring forty books that have been challenged, censored, banned, or even burned! In light of discovering that some people want to ban Eleanor and Park, which is just dumb and a little racist, I think it’s important for everyone to check out Banned Books Week and appreciate your ability to read what ever the eff you want.

Some of the titles that have been banned include Go the F**k to Sleep, The Good Earth, and Einstein’s Essays in Humanism. Did you know that Mary McCarthy’s The Group, often referred to as “the original Sex and the City,” was once banned in Australia as an offense to public morals, because SEX.

You can also enter to win all 40 ebooks by submitting your email address (they know how to get ya) at the bottom right-hand corner of their webpage.

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