The Blind Date outfit

The Hypothetical Girl by Elizabeth Cohen
Other Press, August 16, 2013
256 pages, 3 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Hypothetical Girl is a collection of short stories that delves into the shallow depths of internet dating. In a world where your profile picture says more about you than the “about me” section, love is hard to come by. Through a web of inbox messages, text messages, phone calls, chat rooms, and emails, connections are made and attractions surface, but when brought to light they are not always as titillating as expected. Cohen wonderfully captures the build up of expectations, loneliness, disappointment, and nervousness that go along with internet dating.

My main concern with this collection is that the stories had different plots but the main characters all seemed to be the same person. The ones that really stuck out to me were the story about the deer and the polar bear falling in love via the internet and the one the collection was named after: The Hypothetical Girl. This book has a lot of great material and possibly could have been made into a novel, which would have solved the main character issue.

FASHION FRIDAY: My dear hypotheticalgirl82, this flowing skirt is perfect for date night—that is if you can muster up the courage to go. Pair it with this silk polka dot shirt. The soft neckline is feminine and reserved, perfect for a first date or a day at the office. Wrap yourself in this pink cardigan. It’s warmth will comfort you when you’re afraid there is something seriously wrong with how your life has turned out.

Drape this puppy scarf from your neck. Your love for your little puppy angel brings you to the park where you meet the most beautiful man (with the ugliest dog). This bag is big enough to store extra underwear and a tooth brush just in case someone ever leaves you at a truck stop.

Scrub your body with this Double Love Scrub. Though, for you, it’s more of a Single Love Scrub, it invigorates you and gives you the energy to really get out there and find your double (partner?). This star of David necklace will constantly remind you of your Jewish roots, just like your mother.

These blue suede heels are the perfect trap for a man’s roaming eyes. Get his attention with a cute message on his profile page, or just take a #selfie wearing these shoes and he’ll write you back.

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