Fashion Friday: Wearing LOYALTY

Neon: Mysterious and Thrilling

Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft
Putnam, 2013
415 pages, 3.5 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: Fina Ludlow is the black sheep of her ambulance chasing family. The Ludlows are a widely known family of lawyers that have had their hands in some shady business. So, when Rand’s wife is found dead, all hell breaks loose, unearthing stories of underground prostitution and violence. Fina is a private eye hired by her family to investigate the murder and prove that Rand is innocent. In the process, she has to decide what is more important: truth or loyalty.

Fina is a tough and reckless character that I was rooting for the whole time, even if I wouldn’t want to be friends with her IRL. I like the feminist slant of this book immensely! She’s constantly roughing people up for information and getting roughed up herself. Not to mention all of the attractive men she’s getting with.

Loyalty is set in Boston, which is always fun to read about (since I live there). However, I found the extensive descriptions of buildings, parts of town, travel routes, etc, to be distracting. Also, her interactions with the therapist who hangs out at her family’s country club are weird and usually involve small talk, which I HATE in books. Never never use dialogue for small talk unless it’s suppose to say something specific about the character. I didn’t like that the book ended with her talking to this therapist who is a very minor/insignificant character. Nonetheless, the mystery itself played out very nicely with all of the right twists and turns to keep me guessing.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My dear little black sheep, these earrings are the perfect studs for you because even though you come from a tight knit family, you always feel like the odd woman out.

Your family likes all lips sealed, and this shirt expressed that sentiment to the tee (see what I did there). Pull it over this bustier, which you can unearth when you interrogate Dante at the club. Careful, though, you are one step away from blending in with his girls.

Slide into these tight leather pants that say you mean business. Their color will serve as camouflage when you are breaking and entering.This concealer is thick enough to cover the nasty bruises that are perpetually forming on your face and neck. Cake it on, or else you might scare the children (and everyone else).

This bag and nail polish add a bit of color to your wardrobe, which you desperately need. These heels are completely impractical for your line of work, and you think they are like tiny foot torture chambers. But sometimes a girl finds the perfect pair of Choos to match her book. What are you to do?

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