BEA 2013 recap

I’m about a hundred years behind everyone else in writing a recap of BEA 2013. I blame that on the fact that my computer is incredibly shitty and I didn’t take it to NYC with me. But anyway, let’s recap!


  • Sat in a Megabus for 6 hours on Tuesday because NYC traffic is insanity. Then did it again on Friday to get back to Boston in time for the weekend.
  • Stayed in a room with 9 other people at the hostel in the Upper West Side, which was as fun as it sounds.

The Fun Stuff:

  • The Blogger Conference happened really early on Wednesday and I met tons of lovely people who were all still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. In the afternoon session I actually talked to Sarah Wendell and made a total fool of myself!


  • I attended the Independent Book Publisher’s Association’s Benjamin Franklin Awards. And one of the books I’ve worked on, Almost a Psychopath, won the gold!! I had to give an impromptu speech (because the authors couldn’t make it), which was slightly terrifying.


  • Day one of BEA was nuts. I talked to a ton of publishers on my list, and picked up a few highly anticipated galleys including this one I’m reading right now…


  • Also attended the Bird Bash at Penguin on Thursday night, which I don’t have pictures of because it was that fun!

20130604-101555.jpgOverall this was a great BEA 2013! I met some great bloggers, like Martin from Every Day Writer and Molly who I mentioned earlier, and am really looking forward to keeping in touch with them and seeing all of these book-loving people at BEA 2014!

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2 Responses to BEA 2013 recap

  1. BEA was so much fun! It was great meeting you at the Blogger Con and then talking with you in line the next morning! And I love how you mentioned we were all so tired at the Blogger Con–I felt so bad because I was yawning the whole day! Those poor panelists probably thought I was bored! :(


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