Fashion Friday: Wearing THE INTERESTINGS


The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
Riverhead, April 2013
3 stars, 480 pages

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Interestings is a novel that covers a huge amount of time and material in a seamless fashion. The novel begins in the 1970s when Jules meets The Interestings at art camp in New York. They are all from New York City and seem so glamorous to a girl from a small town upstate. And they appreciate her self-deprecating humor. Jules finally finds herself fitting in for once. They are all fast friends but as they age, they are faced with serious issues, including a rape charge, a brother who disappears, a friend’s lover who is HIV positive, clinical depression, and the stress of life as an adult in NYC. These things bring some of them closer together and push others away. It’s also a story about being an artist or artistic and what that means as an adolescent being different from what it means as an adult. It’s so hard to sum up all that happens in this book! It’s like four lifetimes long!

I really enjoyed The Interestings! But there were definitely times that I was like this is so much white people angst…rich, white people angst! There are also details about each character that are repeated quite a lot, which probably has to do with the length of the book. That repetitiveness would be helpful to someone who was reading this over an extended period of time, but for me it was a little much. There was a relatively insignificant story about Ethan that was told twice, and I just skipped it the second time around.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My dear little interesting, your talent for acting has gotten you no where. But Ethan’s talent for drawing comics has paved the way for his future. This tank is one of his creations, and you wear it to show that you’re not envious or anything. Maybe a little jealous, that’s all.

Pair it with these wide leg jeans, which are a modern nod to your bell bottom days. These retro inspired yellow heels will make your legs look miles long. And remind you of the (good?) old days smoking hash at The Labyrinth.

Music is the reason for your high level anxiety. Though you don’t like to play, talent oozes from you. You’re mother was a famous musician, and you could have easily followed in her footsteps, but you chose your own way.

This orange lip gloss is a vibrant color, sure to catch the so desired attention of Goodman. And if not, well, it will make the stain on your lips from vodka and tang (V&Ts) look purposeful. Your manicured fingernails are painted the color of money. You have never lived without it and wouldn’t know how to begin—the one redeeming thing is that you love to share it with your friends in need. You also share with them these friendship necklaces. The three of you (plus Jonah) are the only interestings left.

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3 Responses to Fashion Friday: Wearing THE INTERESTINGS

  1. Amina Elahi says:

    Love what you’re doing here! That lip gloss is awesome. We do something similar with books and recipes at my blog. The Interestings is definitely on our list too…


  2. Melissa says:

    Ooooh, love those jeans! You did a great job with this. Matches the book perfectly! :)


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