Fashion Friday: Wearing HALF AS HAPPY


Half as Happy by Gregory Spatz
Engine Books, April 2013
188 pgs, 3 stars

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: BOUT THE BOOK: Half as Happy is a group of short stories by Gregory Spatz that encompasses a variety of situations including the loss of a child, eating disorders, marriage in later years, twins separated at birth, and a group of youths getting into trouble. The stories are written with a beautiful almost dreamlike quality. They jump from scene to scene and never end quite where you would expect them. Though they can be hard to follow for lack of spacing and the stream of consciousness quality in some of the stories, Spatz is a capable and promising writer.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My dear little invisible-cat lover. Slip on these loafers, which are the perfect tribute to your three cats that you swear exist, despite the fact that no one has ever seen them but you.

This Naked makeup will protect you from the sun on your days lazing by the pool au natural. Though your body is disappearing before your husband’s eyes, you think it looks better and better.

This polka dot dress is reminiscent of a past when you were completely innocent before the unthinkable happened. Top it off with this Drunk on Love sweater. Drink has come to surpass love for you, whether it’s beers all day by the pool or a whole bottle of scotch in the bathroom by yourself.

When you feel the world slipping away you listen to music. Classical mostly, but all kinds. This cassette tape iPhone case is the right fit for you even if your wife is not. Hide it away in your giant over the shoulder bag. There is so much empty space inside that the iPhone case looks lonely. And that’s exactly how you feel.

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