Fashion Friday: Wearing KAFKA IN LOVE

Kafka in Love

Kafka in Love by Jacqueline Raoul-Duval
Other Press, 2012
288 pages, 2 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: In the early part of the twentieth century, Franz Kafka was exploring what it means to be in love. He was living with his family in Prague and began a series of long distance relationships with four women. He proposed to all of them, but never once married. Kafka in Love is comprised of lengthy quotes from letters he wrote to his lovers and friends and a third person narrative of Kafka’s life during that time. Kafka is riddled by anxiety, idealism, and a compulsion to write, which all keep him from really loving the women in his life. I loved the story in as much as I love reading about writers’ lives, especially their romantic lives. However, perhaps it was the format I read this novel in (netgalley ebook), but a lot of it was hard to follow. The narrative was sort of schizophrenic. I think I would have rather read an entirely fictional narrative about Kafka’s life, or just his letters themselves. This book was in between and it often lost me. I was compelled to finish only because Kafka’s life was so interesting.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My dear little writer, you’re a bit of a dandy—very concerned with your appearance and up on the latest trends. This sleeveless shirt is the perfect attire to welcome the Spring weather and the burgeoning denim fad.

Pair the top with these classic white skinnies. No denim on denim for you! You take pride in the crisp, impeccably clean fabric. This scarf is a much needed feminine accent. The pattern is one close to your heart it is whimsical and romantic just like you!

These bright pink sneakers are an eye-catching accent to your outfit. They are way more comfortable than those high-heeled sneakers that are all the rage—there are some trends you won’t slip into.

This messenger bag holds your stashes of letters from your numerous lovers and your BFF, Max. And finally this this bracelet shows your love for women and your, both basic and transcendent, desire for human connection through writing.

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