Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles by Ron Currie, Jr.
Viking Adult (February 13, 2013)
352 pgs, 4 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles is tumultuous story of obsessive love, failed chances, faked suicide, and fame, oh and a running fascination with artificial intelligence. Let me just interject here to say that none of what I’m writing in this post will ruin the story for you. You pretty much know the deal from the first couple of pages.

So, the protagonist (Ron Currie, Jr. – we’ll come back to that) lost his book in a fire. So he moves to a Caribbean island to work on a new book because his editor is expecting something. All this time he and Emma are tearing at each other. Their relationship is abusive and needy and uncommunicative at its worst, but when it’s good it’s SO good. When Emma leaves him he tries to commit suicide and fails, then see’s his chance to disappear and start over. So he fakes his own death. During his 3 year absence from the U.S., his book becomes a best seller and Emma gets married. When he returns to “face the music,” he finds people aren’t so welcoming. They feel they’ve been duped. This is where Tim O’Brien’s theory about story truth versus happening truth come into play (this is a fairly well stomped ground for writers and for literature majors. Currie explains the thin line between fiction and reality, and I was nodding my head the whole time.) Basically, the idea is that what is published as fiction is just that. No matter how much like the life of the author it is, it is still fabricated, still not entirely “true.” It may feel more true than what happened in reality (which is the point). Currie (the author) is playing with us: What parts of this book are true? There are a lot of correlations with Currie’s life. Does it matter if we know? Will we ever know for sure? No. Writers are very good liars.

I really liked this book! It was well written and well thought out. It was heartbreaking to see the relationship with Emma end the way it did even though I knew that’s how it would end. I wanted to be like Ron, man, you gotta just talk to her. But I have done similar things in relationships, so I know that feeling of wanting to seem untouchable because you’re afraid of being hurt. Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles also made me think about my own writing and the fine line between reality and fiction. Plus, it gave me some refreshing insight into the male perspective, which my reading has been lacking lately (except for My Life in Heavy Metal).

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My dear little reader, don this nautical striped shirt and this burnt orange skirt to weather the days on the island. The skirt allows total range of lower body movement for when you’re beating the shit out the caballeros that antagonize you. Also this messenger style purse can be filled with bricks or other heavy objects and swung in your desired direction.

On days when the bruises are more evident on your body from punching love fests with Ron, throw on this yellow striped sweater and a pair of jeans that match your book cover to cover them up.

These oxford-like ankle boots are perfect for your travels. Whether you are just walking to the bar or taking hikes in the desert, these are comfortable and durable.

Paint your nails this gun metal grey and line your eyes with black liner to show your grief and to hide that blackening eye. Clasp the gun necklace around your neck. You and Ron have a love that is destructive and you feed it with threats and painful memories. This skull bangle reminds you that Ron is dead now but those memories don’t die with him. When he comes back to life, you still wear it because now it symbolizes your love.

Obviously, this Jane Austen clutch is one that you adore. It has your name on the cover and that Emma has had a much better time of it than you. She gives you hope.

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2 Responses to Fashion Friday: Wearing FLIMSY LITTLE PLASTIC MIRACLES

  1. I really liked this book, too. It’s just….cool. Enjoyed what you did with this post, too.


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