Valentine’s Day Look Book

Valentine's Day Look Book

Valentine’s Day Look Book

Got a hot date tonight? Whether it’s with a person or a book and a bottle of wine, here are some very pink Valentine’s Day necessities. Grab one or all of them to match your love-themed book of choice! Books can be boy/girlfriends!

How the French Invented Love – This is a nonfiction book that takes you through 900 years of French history while cataloging tales of lovers. The French are love experts. Paris is the city of love after all. And this book shows us why that’s the case. The author, an American, also talks about her own love journey and how lovers in France are different from those in the States.

Other People’s Love Letters – this is a beautiful book of love letters from strangers around the nation. It’s modeled like Post Secret books with full color pages.

Everything I Know about Love I Learned from Romance Novels – I love romance novels and, as flawed as they are, I think they have taught me a lot about love. For example, we all deserve a happy ending (like in the together forever way)! This book is Sarah Wendell’s extremely entertaining account of how romance novels have shaped her view of relationships.

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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day Look Book

  1. I`d do the black and white dress. It just seems so much more elegant than the pink, you know?


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