Fashion Friday: Wearing THE ELOQUENCE OF DESIRE

The Eloquence of Desire

The Eloquence of Desire by Amanda Sington-Williams
Sparkling Books (2011)
320 pages, 2.5 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: The 1950s were shitty times for women, and married women might have been worse off. Dorothy’s husband, George, is relocated to Malaya during the communist insurgency because he screwed his boss’s daughter. Mistake no. 1. Dorothy moves with him and sends her young daughter, Susan, to boarding school in England. Dorothy doesn’t want to be around her husband anymore but is afraid of being alone and afraid of the social stigma of being a divorcee. George’s obsessive love for Emma keeps him from ever truly reconciling with his family after the affair. Susan, who finds it all to be too much, begins cutting after her father has another affair in Malaya. This family is destroyed by one parent’s love affair.

The Eloquence of Desire is very well written with beautiful descriptions of Malaya and its people. But I found that the foreboding tone of the book never materialized into anything more than a father leaving his family and a broken little girl harming herself. I’m not saying these aren’t awful things, but that the action in the book didn’t seem to match the tone of it. It also jumped around in time, which can be interesting, but in this case missed a few crucial scenes and confrontations. I found myself floundering to figure out what had happened in the white space between chapters. Over all this book was a pretty read, but I didn’t find it very affecting. But pretty covers make for Fashion Friday posts! So here we go…

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: You are trapped in a life that you no longer want but can’t manage to leave. Cover those dark circles under your eyes, caused by stress and sorrow, with this concealer. And let this bright lip pencil bring some color to your face.

Wear this deep red dress to match your lips. The strapless top will keep you cool in Malaya, where the heat is almost too much to bear. When you return to your beloved England you can throw on this double breasted trench to keep you dry and warm.

These vintage inspired boots are a sophisticated match for your dress and coat. You will look polished even when your life is crumbling. This small leopard print purse is just really cute! It pulls in all of the neutral colors of the coat and the shoes.

These pearl studs are a throwback to the days when your husband showered you with praise and gifts. But they look duller now that you know what he’s done. This pearl wedding ring doesn’t mean anything to you anymore, but you wear it because you’re afraid of being alone.

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1 Response to Fashion Friday: Wearing THE ELOQUENCE OF DESIRE

  1. I do love that ring! It’s my birthstone. I’m waiting for my pearls to be restrung right now that my parents gave me at graduation. They’ve been adding pearls every Christmas and birthday and it was finally time to get them all done up! I can’t WAIT to have them back (I wear them almost daily!)


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