Fashion Friday: Wearing ACCELERATED


Accelerated by Bronwen Hruska
Pegasus, 2012
288 pgs, 3 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: Accelerated is about a single father whose son goes to a prestigious private school in New York’s Upper East Side. The father, Sean, is an artist who works for a gossip rag and doesn’t make a ton of money. The only reason his son, Tony, goes to the Bradley School is because Tony’s maternal grandparents pay the tuition. Tony seems to love school especially now that he has a new teacher, who Sean also has eyes for. After Tony’s mom leaves them, Sean begins to get calls from the school administrators about Tony’s lack of performance. Tony seems to be easily distracted, disruptive, and other symptoms of ADHD. When tragedy strikes Sean and Tony’s little family, Sean begins to uncover a deadly conspiracy.

Accelerated is easy to read and well written. Hruska is very informed about ADHD symptoms and treatment. Unfortunately, the plot was predicable and a little to Hollywood in the end (although I do like happy endings!!). The characters lacked depth, which I think might be because Hruska focused so much on the negative affects of medicating children. In certain places, it read like a political article about drug companies and schools found in bed together. Overall, I liked it and found it informative, but didn’t love it…on to the outfits

ABOUT THE OUTFITS: You don’t belong in this Upper East Side school, but your prim exterior in the classroom may fool people for a little while. On teaching days, wear this pleated mint skirt that swishes around your knees. The length is appropriate for class but the color is NYC chic.

Pair it with this haute orangey red top, a combination that brings all eyes on you. On chilly days, pull on this fitted polka dot sweater and slip into these lace up brown oxfords. Might as well make standing all day comfortable and cute!

This Chanel purse is a knock-off, and all of the mothers can probably tell, but you wear it to school to fit in. Shove this camera phone in your faux bag, so that it’s at the ready when you find incriminating evidence.

On the weekends, tone it down a little. Go on excursions with Sean in these pink jean leggings that match your pencil earrings. Shrug on this DrugsRx tee that shows you’re #notbuyingit, but cover it up with this LOVE sweatshirt. You are falling in love with a student’s Dad! Scandalous. Plus, you aren’t sure you want people to know your suspicions until you have facts. After all, Bradley is very powerful.

If you do decide to go out, spritz some Chanel No.5 on your wrists. This is a relatively cheap way to at least smell expensive! And slip into these wedge MJs they totally fit your teacher look but they are a very fashionable twist on a classic.

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