Fashion Friday: Wearing THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER

This is How You Lose Her

This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz
Riverhead, 2012
224 pgs, 4 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: This is the newest collection of short fiction from Junot Diaz. I went with my BFF to see him speak in September and it was amazing! He is a fascinating person. He’s Dominican and his stories are about Dominicans living in the US. He also writes about the DR: the corruption, the poverty, etc. Anyway, a majority of the stories in this new collection seem to have the same narrator: Yunior (who was also the narrator in Oscar Wao).

This is How You Lose Her takes us on a journey through Yunior’s love life. The girls he liked, the girls he cheated on, the girls he cheated with. He also talks a lot about Boston and racism, which I found really interesting because, I’m ashamed to say, it’s not something I’ve thought about that much. Toward the end, the narrator talks about being a professor in Boston and losing his fiance because he cheated. Diaz is a professor at MIT and I wondered how much of this story was true (although that really doesn’t matter). This is a brilliant collection!

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My dear Latina you aren’t made for the Boston winters (me neither!), so don this thick winter coat. Hide under the shearling lined hood when you’re following that no good boyfriend of yours around to see if he’s telling the truth.

These black jeans hug your curves while you’re walking down the street or dancing in a club. Yunior thinks that red is a shade created for Latinas and he’s right. With this bright orange-red lipstick matching your bright ankle boots, you will certainly turn heads.

Wear this New York City bracelet because you miss the city and the lover that you left there. Also, compared to Boston, NYC is a haven for people of color. These feather earrings are just really cute (sorry y’all, that’s all I got!).

Pull on this sweater under your winter coat. It’s the perfect second layer for Boston weather. It also has professor elbow patches, which are not only cute but practical, because you are a prof after all!

This love letter clutch represents all of the unanswered letters you send to your fiance who wants nothing to do with your cheatin’ self. Finally, the writer’s diary is something to keep with you always. In it record your conquests and thoughts. And when your lover finds it and accuses you of messing around on him, say it’s just an idea for a story!

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3 Responses to Fashion Friday: Wearing THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER

  1. Meg says:

    Very cute and creative outfit, and I’m definitely going to have to grab This Is How You Lose Her. I saw Diaz speak at the National Book Festival in D.C. years ago — agree that he’s very interesting!


  2. Cassie says:

    Wow I love this idea. Designing the outfit based on the book! I also just loved this book. :)


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