Fashion Friday: Wearing REAL MAN ADVENTURES

Real Man Adventures

ABOUT THE BOOK: Check out my full post on Real Man Adventures here.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My dear real man, don these dark wash jeans and classic vans that match the cover. Your shirt says “Mr.” to remind family and old friends to use the right pronoun. This is a source of anxiety for you, but with this little nudge perhaps they will start making the transition. Your hoodie shows your love for pit bulls. They face some of the same prejudices that you do. They are misunderstood and unloved, which are your greatest fears.

These Calvin Klein briefs are outrageously expensive for underpants, but they have just the right bulge and the wide elastic with the brand name. This is what you get when you trade in your cotton panties.

You take photos of half naked transmen and draw unicorn heads on them. These ethereal creatures fascinate you. You are a married man, so wear this ring with the unicorn on the underside of your left ring finger. It’s your little secret.

You’re a dad to two little girls, so use this money clip proudly. They don’t know that you’re trans but they probably won’t care. To them, you are Dad not FTM.

Finally, this phone case encapsulates the idea of not gendering, sexualizing people. Does it really matter if someone is gay, straight, bisexual, or trans? We are all just people.

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