Fashion Friday: Wearing FAMILIAR


Familiar by J. Robert Lennon
Greywolf Press, 2012
224 pgs, 3 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: Elisa Brown is driving her beat up red car to visit her son’s grave. Silas died when he was 15, and ever since her marriage has been slowly crumbling. The only positive aspect of Silas’s death is that she is closer with her son Sam. All of a sudden, while she’s driving, everything around her changes. She’s suddenly plumper, wearing different clothes, in a different car with a different purse and different cell phone. When she gets home she realizes Silas is actually alive, but she is estranged from both of her sons and her relationship with her husband is empty, built on false affection.

What is this new world that she is in? It’s familiar but it’s not the same. Has she had a psychotic break? Is she living in a parallel universe? Is it all just a dream?

Familiar is a story about second chances and how they don’t always turn out the way you imagine.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My confused little mama, you are shedding those hip hugging pencil skirts in favor of a more familiar wardrobe. These cuffed jeans are sharper than your old cut offs but they still have the faded, worn in look that you love.

You are all about comfort and these green Keds provide just that. They are the perfect thing to wear for your walks home from work when you’re trying to get out of going to the therapist.

Your new life is familiar but divergent, and you often find yourself thinking “am I crazy?” but then you think “no, what’s happening to me is crazy.” Kanye’s message on this cotton tee perfectly encapsulates how you feel. But hide those feelings with this light weight pullover, because someone might think you’re nuts if they really know what’s going on in your head.

Preferring to go virtually makeup-less, opt for this under eye cream concealer to hide those dark circles from grieving all of the things lost and all of the opportunities missed.

These beaker earrings are a nod to your old life as the manager of a lab. And these glasses hide your face during your forays into adultery. Plus, they look cool.

You recently discovered Silas’s interest in video games and you want to be a part of his world. However, as your gameboy circa 1998 phone case proves, you are a bit too old and unenthusiastic for it.

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