Brook Street #1: Thief

Title: Brook Street: Thief
Author: Ava March
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: 112
Rating: 4 stars

I think I might be a gay man! Letting that sink in….

Lord Benjamin Parker has always been suspicious that there is something “off” about him. He wants one night to find out if he really does prefer men before the season starts and he must look for a wife. At a gaming hell of ill repute, Parker finds himself sitting next to the beautiful, golden haired Cavin Fox. And, boy, is he a FOX. The both feel the attraction immediately, and Benjamin gives himself to Cavin for one night and one night only.

Cavin is a thief. He goes to the gaming hell to find men to sleep with and steal from, but somehow he can’t bring himself to steal from Benjamin. However, he is determined they will just have this one night because Lord Benjamin couldn’t possibly love a penniless whore/thief. But when Cavin finds himself in dire straights, he turns to the only man he can trust and they fall deeply and madly in love the end.

Homosexual love stories are not new to me per se. However, I have never read a gay regency romance. So my inner gay man lost his v-card to Thief by Ava March. This is a short novel, more like a novella at 120 pages, but it was a great introduction to the genre. It’s funny how roles still exist in gay romance. Instead of gender differences, we have class differences, which complicate the plot.

I wonder how historically accurate this story would be. I mean homosexuality in the Regency era was a big no no, so what would happen if they were found out? Over the course of a lifetime they will probably be discovered, right? Would they just be social outcasts? Would they be imprisoned? It makes me want to do some research!

This book was super good, short read. My complaints are simply 1) the overuse of the word “prick” which I have never particularly liked and 2) length of the story. Perhaps March could have made it longer by setting the novel during the season, so Benjamin would have to go to all of those parties and pretend to like girls?

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