Fashion Friday: Wearing WHICH BRINGS ME TO YOU

Which Brings Me to You

Which Brings Me to You: A Novel in Confessions by Julianna Baggott and Steve Almond
Algonquin Books, 2005
300 pgs. 4 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: She sees him from across the church at a friend’s wedding. They rip each other’s clothes off in the coat closet at the reception. He stops and says he thinks he might like her and doesn’t want to go any further. They exchange addresses. They write each other confessions. After their pasts, their inner most fears and dreams and secrets are laid bare will they still want each other?

Which Brings Me to You is beautifully written. I loved the very different voices of John and Jane. They are clever and observant and revealing and judging and forgiving.

This is an odd romance. Very few couples ever really bare all of their past—usually for good reason! But this novel makes you wonder if you told some one ALL of your secrets would they still be able to fall in love with you?

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My sex-crazed little rebel, this red leather jacket is a perfect complement to your fiery personality. It’s tough, yet feminine just like you.

Underneath that defensive exterior, you’re really a romantic at heart. Your whimsical sundress isn’t totally your style but you need something proper to wear to that fateful wedding. Plus it’s super cute paired with these vintage-chic lace-up booties, a fall fashion necessity!

Layer these practical black socks over your sheer, patterned tights. You’re wearing your heart on your heels and it’s a vulnerable spot.

Your phone case reminds you of the fireworks you felt that steamy night in the coat room, even when you’re unsure if there is anything between you and John. At least you have attraction.

You chew men up and spit them out and though you feel bad about it, you’re still a bit of a manizer. Even though you don’t wear much make up, this Mary-Lou-manizer is a beautiful accent. Smudge a little on your brow bone and your cheeks it’ll go a long way.

Lastly and most importantly, never go anywhere without a pen! You never know when the urge to write John will creep up on you. Wear this pen necklace at all times and rock it like you’re Joan Holloway.

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