Romance Roundup: fairy tales, bets, and time travel

Title: An Offer from a Gentleman
Author: Julia Quinn
Publisher: Avon, 2001
Pages: 384
Rating: 3 stars

Sophia Beckett is deposited on her father’s door step at a very young age. As a bastard she is taken care of, but not loved. After her father’s death, her step mother and step sisters abuse her. One night she defies them and sneaks into a masquerade, where she meets Prince Charming. But when she’s kicked out of her own house for going to the party, things take a turn for the worse. Can Prince Charming find her if he doesn’t know her name and has never seen her face? Yes, dear, don’t fret. This is a Cinderella story with some great twists and turns!

Of all three of the books on this month’s Romance Roundup, An Offer from a Gentleman was the most well written. Julia Quinn is an incredible writer! Her dialogue and details are superb. I am in love with the first half of this novel. However, the hero, Benedict,  bothered me. As a wealthy, socially prominent man, Benedict couldn’t marry a lowly servant girl, so he asks her to be his mistress. Fine. But when she refuses, he pressures her relentlessly and eventually seduces her. You gotta respect a lady when she says “no,” bro.

Title: Bet Me
Author: Jennifer Crusie
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, 2004
Pages: 384
Rating: 4 stars

Bet Me is an Everywoman fantasy. An average looking, smart woman finds a 10 (that’s like a man dime). Minerva is in a bar with her two girlfriends when she over hears her ex and the irresistible Cal make a bet on whether or not Cal could sleep with her. Min decides to stick it to her ex and leave the bar with Cal, but it’s just for dinner.

Min is not the kind of woman that Cal, the serial dater, ever pursues. But suddenly he can’t stop staring at the bliss on her face when she eats chicken marsala and wishing he were the cause. Min is funny and gets herself into all kinds of weird situations. Her character reminded me a lot of Caitlin Moran, and because of that I loved her immediately. The downsides to Bet Me are 1) the evil exes conspiring against the unlikely couple and 2) many of the social encounters/situations bordered on hysterical. But if you’re looking for a joyful, light read, this is perfect!!

Title: Everything in its Time
Author: Dee Davis
Publisher: Jove, 2000
Pages: 300 pages (I’m guessing. It’s 512K on my kindle)
Rating: 4 stars

Everything in its Time reminded me a lot of Outlander (which is one of my favorite romances ever!). A modern day girl, Katherine St. Claire, manages to go back in time to the 15th century and sleep with a sexy Scottish Laird named Ian. She and he both think it’s a dream, but feel incredibly lost without each other. For eight years they live separately in their own centuries, until Katherine decides it’s time to see if that dream might be a reality. When things don’t turn out exactly as she planned, her brother Jeff jumps back in time to save her. Will Katherine be saved? Will Jeff ever be rejoined with his lover?

Everything in its Time is extremely suspenseful. There are abductions, battles, time traveling, betrayals, TWO love stories. I was flipping pages like a maniac (well, touching the right side of my Kindle screen like a maniac). This is a thoroughly entertaining read, but if you’ve read a lot of time travel or if your sick of it, this may not be the best book for you. Also, word to the wise, the prologue is really just a sex scene :)

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