Fashion Friday: Wearing A WORKING THEORY OF LOVE

A Working Theory of Love

A Working Theory of Love by Scott Hutchins
Penguin (October 2012)
304 pgs, 3 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: See my post A Working Theory of Love – Romance and artificial intelligence

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: Despite your humble Midwestern up-bringing (in Arkansas no less!), you are filled with California angst. The warm weather and sunny beach days only seem to worsen your general malaise, so slip on those (faux) Chucks and head to the lab where you can wallow by talking to Dad for a few hours—all in the name of science!

These sage green skinnies will keep you warm in that dark, air conditioned lab. If, on the rare occasion, you decide to go to the beach, you can just roll these babies up and let the water rush over your toes.

Your shirt shows what you’re really thinking. After all, you’re just a man. You lust after Rachel and after Jenn, among others, and you’re not sure how to distinguish love from lust. Shrug this pullover on to hide your true feelings, since you aren’t even sure what they are.

You were kind of the cool guy until you started working for Amiante Systems. Surrounded by computer science nerds, you have in some ways joined the pack; hence, your iPhone case that looks like an old-school gaming remote.

You also carry a USB, which you’ve never done before, and have realized that it can hold more baggage than any actual bag. It’s in the shape of a grenade, which is fitting for the number of times you manage to destroy your personal life and the hopes and dreams of others.

Dark make up is a must. You have a past that you aren’t proud of and you try to hide behind your own shadow. This pale pink polish matches your shoes brilliantly and shows your girlish side—you’ve yet to really grow up.

Finally, your robot necklace hangs low on your chest near your heart. Dad may be a robot now, but he’s more alive to you now than he ever was #IRL.

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