Fashion Friday: Wearing THE BOOBY TRAP

The Booby Trap
The Booby Trap by Anne Browning Walker
Pixel Entertainment, 2012
272 pgs, 4 stars

ABOUT THE BOOK: Bambi is a Women’s Studies PhD student at Harvard. She started working at The Booby Trap (kinda like Hooters) for research on her dissertation. She wants to know if working at a place where the servers are ogled for their “large tracks of land” is degrading. She’s a smart girl putting on an act to dissect sexism in the workplace and how that translates into real life.

Trip comes from a wealthy family and works in the family business: an online dating service. He’s very much the man about town, always turning on the charm for the ladies and attending fancy soirees. He’s literally the poster boy for the business. When his family decides that it doesn’t look so good to have him running around town with a different girl every night, he explodes. How can they tell him how to live his life?! When he meets Bambi, he sees her as the perfect catch. If his parents want him to be tied down then he will have a little fun at their expense by bringing around his uncultured, air-headed girlfriend.

But Bambi has something to teach to men like Trip. Never, ever judge a book by it’s cover.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My fellow romance reader, you flaunt the cover of The Booby Trap with pride, daring anyone to judge you.

Your tight black frock is short but conservative and can be dressed up with red pumps (like on the cover) or down with these comfy red oxfords. These shoes show your snooty academic side, but they are too cute to resist. And after waiting tables in red platforms all day, these flats are a welcome relief.

Your leopard print sweater thrown over this LBD is a relaxed look, perfect for chats with your professors and chic enough for that conference in London.

This distressed green leather bag is big enough to store your laptop and papers, along with the latest trashy cover your reading. Your iPhone cover is a composition notebook, reminding you to interview your co-workers and always take notes on your experiences.

You’ve never been one to wear a ton of makeup but this red lip and cheek stain will make you look rosy and fresh no matter how late you stayed up writing or fooling around with Trip.

Last, but certainly not least, once Trip knows the truth, you can flaunt your love of books (including romance) with these bookish earrings that show your nerdy side, because girl you are nerdier than the forests of Endor, if you know what I mean.

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