Romance Roundup: games, mistakes, and dark pasts

Title: The Game
Author: Brenda Joyce
Publisher: Avon
Pages: 480
Rating: 2 stars

The Game is about a girl, Katherine, who was placed in a convent after her betrothed was killed in a war. She leaves the convent at 19 because she wants to get married and have kids (she only says this about a HUNDRED times). On her homeward bound ship she is captured by the pirate Liam. But he’s not just any old pirate. He’s actually one of the right hand men of Queen Elizabeth, so it’s cool if she falls in love with him (or is it?). Katherine’s father was accused of treason and she is trying to clear his name. Liam joins the ranks to help her, but may endanger both of their lives when he goes behind her back and infuriates the Queen to make things right.

The Game was my first ever pirate romance! I picked it up just because it was a pirate romance. I was completely taken with the hero. He was the perfect rouge-nobleman-pirate. However, the heroine was #toostupidtolive. Joyce talks endlessly about how smart and resourceful Katherine is. I didn’t see any evidence of this. SHOW me the cleverness. She was either screaming or crying pretty much the whole book. I mean Liam, man, run the other way. This lady is cray.

Title: Her Best Worst Mistake
Author: Sarah Mayberry
Publisher: Small Cow Productions
Pages: 155
Rating: 4 stars

Elizabeth and Martin are about to get married when Her Best Worst Mistake begins. Violet is Elizabeth’s bff and she has never gotten along with Martin. He’s too stodgy for her taste, and she likes to get a rise (nudge, nudge) out of him. For Martin, Violet is too much. She’s vibrant, loud, likes to party and never takes anything too seriously.

Elizabeth and Martin split up, and Elizabeth makes a dramatic exit to Australia. Violet and Martin find themselves thrown together in the most frustrating and tantalizing way. They discover that they actually have similar pasts and (holy shit!) might like each other. Are she and Martin really meant to be or is it just a fling? Will Violet loose her bestie over her new found love?

Y’all, this book is so good. I picked it up on the suggestion of Smart Bitches. Her Best Worst Mistake is not exactly literary, but the story line is. Two people who initially hate each other only to find out they are perfect for each other? Hello, Gone with the Wind; Pride and Prejudice; Much Ado About Nothing. Also, I love the heroine in this book. She’s firey and witty and haunted. I think this is my favorite romance novel ever!

Title: Bared to You
Author: Sylvia Day
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 362
Rating: 3 stars

Bared to You is technically erotica, but I’m adding it in the Romance Roundup. I picked this book up at BEA and read that if you like Fifty Shades, you’ll like this book. I was like. Um, should I even bother? But I was intrigued, so I gave it the 50 pages test. And it passed with flying colors!

The book is written entirely in the heroine’s POV. Eva is a 24-year-old recent grad who comes from a rich family, but is trying to make it on her own merit in the advertising world. She lives with her best friend, a feisty bi-sexual male named Cary. On the first day of her new job she runs into Gideon Cross, who happens to own the building and be fabulously wealthy. He takes a liking to her and basically stalks her like Christian Grey.

But Eva is no Ana. She is quick witted and stands up for herself in a very admirable way. She and Gideon are super sexually drawn to each other, but there is more to it. They both share a history of child sexual abuse and are terribly vulnerable to jealousy and insecurity. Can they iron out their issues and make it as a couple? Some sub/dom stuff rears its head toward the end.. and I was like ugh boooring. Plus, Gideon is kinda lame. I mean all he does is work and workout. I don’t think he cracks a joke the whole book. That aside, Bared to You was well written and the heroine was a great character. It is the first in a series, but I’m not planning on reading the others.

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  2. gold price says:

    She thinks he’s stuffy. He thinks she’s spoilt.’Then the gloves come off… and so do their clothes!WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Her Best Worst Mistake” and I have to say this book rates as my best impulse buy on Amazon.You’ve probably read a dozen books with this storyboard but what makes this one different is the chemistry and tension between these polar opposite characters that sizzles off the pages.I loved every minute of this book; it was Hot, Sexy and engaging. The writing was sharp, witty and impressive, I breezed through this book; there was no stopping until I was done.I would highly recommend reading “Her best worst mistake” I can’t believe I almost over looked this author and this book, Sarah Mayberry you have impressed the hell out of me and I can’t wait to read more of your work.


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