Fashion Friday: Wearing THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Ballantine, 2011
352 pgs, 5 stars

SUMMARY: See my post The Language of Flowers.

FASHION: So, your name is Victoria and you have a secret. OK, stay with me. The Victoria’s Secret shirt is apt (even if a little corny on my part) because even though your secret is deeply buried, everyone can tell that you have something to hide. Given how hostile you are, you might as well be sporting an “I have serious psychological issues” tattoo on your forehead.

But go ahead and cover that secret up with a sweater the same color as your thumb. Add a pair of flowery shorts that will keep you cool in the California heat, because at least flowers accept you as you are and that’s something you’ve never experience anywhere else (your love for greenery really represents your desire to be loved…shhh).

Your boots are made for walking through mud, gardens, warehouses, on hearts and dreams, but they’ll eventually take you back to where you belong. The flower studs show how much your worth, maybe not to yourself, but to others.

Burtsbees is the obvious chap stick of choice for you! What better way to nourish your chapped lips after days of sleeping in city parks? Plus, Burts is all natural and nice to that environment you love.

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