Fashion Friday: Wearing SWAMPLANDIA!

Swamplandia! by Karen Russell
Vintage Books (division of Random House, 2011)
416 pgs, 4 stars

SUMMARY: See my post Swamplandia!

FASHION: You live in a swamp theme park off the coast of Florida with pet alligators. It’s hot. It’s humid. Shorts are a NECESSITY, especially in linen or cotton (a fabric that breathes and dries quickly), otherwise you could very well faint from heat exhaustion. Your shorts match the mucky green-brown of your surroundings. Why not?!

Your t-shirt shows your admiration for the Birdman. It isn’t exactly camouflage (I mean come on, you’re not fooling any birds), but at least you don’t have to wear a vest with stupid-looking plumage sprouting from your back.

Your boots are practical and sturdy for trudging through the swamp searching for your imbecile of a sister. And your striped sweater will keep you warm when the sun goes down. Plus, it’s almost nautical (kinda like Ossie and her boat excursion with her ghost lover).

A braid is a must because, let’s be honest, the humidity isn’t doing much for your hair. AND when you’re running for your life, you’ll need that hair out of your face.

Throw a scarf on top of it all, because you never  know when you’ll need it to scale trees or shade your face from the scorching sun.

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