The Hunger Games

I read this series after Kati gave me the first book for Christmas this year. The subsequent two books were devoured in approximately two days (a weekend, obv). The Hunger Games is–as I’m sure you know because I’m probably the last person on Earth to blog about the book–about a bunch of teens being forced into an arena to fight to the death.

Basically, you have The Capital–full of total freaks and one very psycho president–which requires that each District offer up a male and female child/teen to fight in The Hunger Games (a nationally televised, violent reality show). So that’s 24 teens and only one can win.

Katniss, our heroine, is fairly likeable. She’s strong, competent (she can hunt and knows some things about survival), and devoted (especially to her sister). I liked her a lot in the first book, but my like for her dwindled quickly toward the end of the second book and in the third. She becomes all wishy-washy and doesn’t really know what she stands for. Also the third book in general was weird and political–not my fav.

Anyway, I went to see The Hunger Games movie this weekend and it was baller. The actress who played Katniss did a great job (although I do think she was prettier than the book described her–but so was EVERYone in the movie. Seriously, it was all just stunningly gorgeous people). I was pleased with the adaptation. It was very close to the book although clipped short, of course.

Look how pretty they all are. Whoa. I want Gale to be my new bf.

It’s always strange for me to see a movie based on a book. Especially since I had read the book only a month or two before it came out, so it was fresh in my mind. All of these things you imagined come to life–sometime differently than you pictured them. Which brings me to a point of concern and deep humiliation for the progress of humanity. Dun Dun Dun. But seriously, this is disturbing…

One of my favorite characters in the whole series was Rue a little girl that became Katniss’s ally in the first book. (SPOILER) She dies and it’s so sad I cried (I don’t cry that often at movies, but I lose it when I’m reading or listening to certain country songs). Moving on, when the movie came out there was shock and outrage in the online community (mostly Twitter) that the girl who played Rue was black.

Look. Look at that face.

Google it. There are a bazillion posts about The Hunger Games and racism. I won’t rehash things here that have already been beaten to death on the internet, but the one thing I can’t get past is that this is a REAL person. People spread their hate on the internet because it’s easy and there are few repercussions. But the fact of the matter is that this LITTLE GIRL heard and saw all of the awful things people were saying about her because of her race. And I thought middle school kids were mean. Talk about tough run-in with reality.

All I have to say to those people who bashed Amandla Stenberg online is shame on you–not only for being bigots but for picking on a young girl, who is probably already plenty insecure as it is.


So, you should go see the movie, if you haven’t already, because it’s great! My main regret is that I didn’t get to look at Gale’s face more.

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1 Response to The Hunger Games

  1. cohalls says:

    Great Hunger Games post! I read the first book and the second book before watching the movie. Now, I’m on the third and I’m really not liking it that much. I put it down and need to get back to it, because I would like to see how it ends. I definitely agree with you that Katniss needs to stand for something.


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