Fashion Friday: Wearing THE BAD SEED

The Bad Seed by William March
Rinehart & Company, 1954

256 pgs, 5 stars

SUMMARY: See my post The Bad Seed

FASHION: Your long, modest skirt (typical of the 1940s) and flowery shirt show that you take precise care of your wardrobe, passing yourself off as a well-dressed, well-behaved girl.

But inside you’re a sucking black hole of material desire and you’ll do whatever it takes to get what you want. You probably stole the pearls around your neck from one of your victims.

Your messenger bag holds a trove of stolen treasures (or are they trophies from your kills?). The dark contents are marked by the skull scarf you tie around the strap–telling everyone to beware.

Suede may not be the most sensible material for your shoes, but look how cute they are! Sometimes you’ll sacrifice (others) for beauty.

Wear your hair up practically and prettily. You’ll need it up when you’re setting fire to basements and shoving little boys into the ocean. You wouldn’t want to get messy!

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