Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten books on my TBR list for SPRING!

  1. My collection of Short Stories by Zora Neale Hurston – I realize that these are probably not going to be the most uplifting and “springy” tales, but I’ve been wanting to read them since college when one of my highly respected/loved English profs told me they were phenomenal.
  2. Loving Frank – this is also going to be super depressing, I know. It’s about Frank Lloyd Wright and all of the women that he loved and left. My mom told me it was good, so I added it to my library holds list. And now it’s available!
  3. 50 Shades of Grey – a romance trilogy that EVERYONE is talking about.
  4. Northanger Abby – I recently watched Sense and Sensibility and it renewed my love for Jane Austen (I cried openly when Elinor and Edward got together in the end). Also I’ve only read Emma and Pride and Prejudice, so I have a ways to go.
  5. Persuasion – same reason as above.
  6. Mansfield Park – above.
  7. Perfume – A man stalks and murders virgins in search of the perfect scent. I need something scandalous for the spring so this should do the trick.
  8. Peter Pan – why the hell not?! It’s spring time (i.e., time for a little magic and fantasy).
  9. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier – I’m all about the one word titles this season!
  10. The Beach – an adventure novel about a quest to find a utopia. I think, yes.

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5 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Rebecca is such a GOOD read. I mean, it’s very dark and, dare I say it, seductive. I mean, prosewise, I really liked the way Du Maurier wrote.

    Way to rock the one word titles, hahaha.

    My TTT


  2. LWSpotts says:

    I agree with April – Rebecca is fantastic. Yes, it’s definitely dark & seductive, but du Maurier is an absolute artist with words.

    Here’s my list:


  3. Grrr – you are so making my “to be read” list grow because I have to add short-stories by Zora! Lol – love the list!


  4. I still need to read Jane Austen. And Peter Pan has been on my list for.. forever.

    My list:


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