Kevin Wilson at the Harvard Bookstore

Just found out that Kevin Wilson will be reading from his debut novel, The Family Fang, which is about a weird Southern family, at the Harvard Book Store on August 22nd. And it’s free (!), which means I will be so pumped that I didn’t spend anything to listen to Kevin Wilson that I’ll end up buying his (hardcover) novel for like $20. The Family Fang is on my extra books list at least.

Anyway, there is a really great review of it in The New York Times. Apparently, it’s the book to read this season. I can’t wait to see him read! I love Boston.

I went to the event last night and he was fantastic. He was clearly nervous but it was endearing, and his Tennessee twang made me feel at home. The two scenes he picked were even funnier when he read them with is spot-on deadpan delivery! If you have the chance to see him read, I suggest going; you’re sure to have a good laugh. By the way, he has a tattoo of the girl with the bird face (from the cover) on his arm :)

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5 Responses to Kevin Wilson at the Harvard Bookstore

  1. nancie says:

    the event is at The Harvard Bookstore! The Harvard Coop is a different store (also a great bookstore, but not the one hosting this event!)


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