Travel Reads

Title: Then We Came to the End
Author: Joshua Ferris
Publication: Little, Brown 2007
Rating: 4 stars

Title: The End of the Affair
Author: Graham Greene
Publication: Heinemann 1951
Rating: 4 stars

I haven’t posted in a while because E moved here from Texas; thus, I have had a life rather than constantly filling my idle hours with tweeting, blogging, reading, watching tv, etc.

However, I went back to Arkansas over the weekend for a friend’s wedding. It was on a farm just over the border of Arkansas in Texarkana (technically, it was New Boston–what a coincidence!) and was lovely.

Anyway, on the flight I had time to read two books: Then We Came to the End–Joshua Ferris and The End of the Affair–Graham Greene. I dunno what it was about titles with “the End”, but they were both great and very different.

Joshua Ferris made me laugh a lot and nod in agreement as he describes working in an office in a big city. And Graham Greene made me think hard about death and religion (kinda like A Death in the Family). Anyway, I would give them both a B+

I wouldn’t read either one again, but I did enjoy them!

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