Eventful Tuesday

Yesterday, on my way to meet someone for drinks after work, I was in a wreck! But you don’t have a car, you say. So how is this possible? Well…

The 66 bus  was brimming with people. I was standing in the front sort of smushed into the wall next to the driver’s seat, when simultaneously I felt the driver slam on the breaks and the girl next to me gasp. I was all, whaaaa? And in slow motion did a panoramic view of her horrified face and the giant front windshield of the bus as it crashed into the side of a car.

This may be morbid or just wrong of me, but it was so cool (disclaimer:  no one was hurt). I’ve never really been in a wreck before and my first was in a BUS while I was standing in the front to have an optimal view of the wreckage. I’m such a lucky girl. Then I walked to my destination in the rain.

Crazy things happen on buses. I’ll leave you with this image:

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I read a lot, y'all.
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