Cold Mountain

Title: Cold Mountain
Charles Frazier
Atlantic Monthly Press 1997
2 stars

Last night I finished Cold Mountain. Finally. I’ve been reading it for almost two weeks!

My grandmother lent me this book a few weeks ago. At the time I was reading In Her Wake, and then I read Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler (in one day…I was bored), which was also on my list. So, Cold Mountain sat on my window sill, gathering dust/pollen for a little while before I finally picked it up.

It’s a pretty long book and you have to wait until the last 100 pages for the love story to surface. In the meantime, a lot of random skirmishes breakout, people work hard, people change, people die, and the Civil War rages on vaguely in the background.

Though not a huge fan of this book (can you tell by my description?), I powered through. At the end, I was just like, Oh well that freaking figures. I get all the way here and that happens! It didn’t even feel tragic because I wasn’t really invested in the characters. When a good book is sad, it wrenches your heart out. This book just lightly plucked at my heart strings.

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