Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Yesterday the sun decided to show its little face. So, I paused Netflix instant view and hopped on the bus to enjoy a day out on the town. My first stop was the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (where I may be volunteering next fall). The building doesn’t particularly stand out, but it’s pretty massive. There are three floors and a courtyard, where this lady was singing and playing the guitar. The courtyard was bursting with flowers and other vegetation; the sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows; the water falls trickled musically; it was all very zen.

The Courtyard

Anyway, the best part was seeing Titian’s Europa so close I could touch it (not that I would, because I’m pretty sure the museum folks would freak). If you don’t know who Titian is, let me just give you an idea of how famous/influential he was in the art world: The Gardner Museum dubbed a room “the Titian room.” I also saw a self-portrait of Rembrandt (he kind of did a lot of those) in the Dutch room.

Titian 1559-62

What is so fascinating about seeing this kind of art work is that all through school you read about artists and their work, you see pictures of their paintings in textbooks, but living in Arkansas you don’t get to see the paintings in person. So, there is this kind of magical quality to viewing them in person–the magic of these paintings increases exponentially when you see the movement in brush strokes and the drama on a larger-than-life scale.

Also (!) I fell in love with a Swedish artist that I had no prior knowledge of: Anders Zorn. Click here to view some of his works.

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