Welcome-home Tornado

Observe the serious tornado damage one block from my parents’ house.



We were awoken at 2 am by an absurdly loud boom, which I thought was my vanity mirror crashing to the floor. Lo-and-behold our tree had split and a branch fell through our roof (pic to the left). Due to a bit of ingenuity-involving-an-umbrella on mom’s part there wasn’t too much water damage. All in all, it will probably be an easy fix.

However, others weren’t so fortunate, as you can see above cars were smashed along with porches and houses. One couple woke up drenched with rain water in their own bed to find a tree poking through their ceiling.

20110415-022122.jpgAnd there is some talk among weather experts of whether this storm was a tornado or just high winds. Well, Arkansas, I think the damage speaks for itself.

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