A blogger at NPR wrote a post about how she feels the need to re-read all of those books that she thought were so good but has forgotten the details of (Click here to read her post).

I was going to comment, but then I just decided I would post a response because I hate it when people leave novel-length comments. SO…

Although I do not share her enthusiasm for Hemingway, I do understand completely how she feels about the ever-growing list of books to read. Mine is is taped to the wall and I add sheets of blank paper to the end as it lengthens. How can you find time to re-read those books you loved so much when there are tons of books out there that you haven’t read at all?! (If you ever feel this way, take heart and read this short rhyme by Justin Richardson)

This is what I’ve been doing and it’s working out really well for me. Everyone I know loves American Gods, so I started reading it. It took me like a week to get through 50 pages; clearly, I just wasn’t that into it. So, I gave up.

Now, I have always been the kind of person to finish what I started. But I have seen the light! It is fine to feel obligated to pick up a certain book because it’s a classic or it won a Pulitzer or everyone recommends it. However, there are too many good/great/life-altering books out there (like Gone with the Wind) to continue reading a book that you don’t enjoy because you feel obligated! If everyone thinks it’s awesome, but I don’t like it, why should I read it?

The answer is: I shouldn’t. Especially, when I could re-read Gone with the Wind!

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3 Responses to Re-reading

  1. Ellie says:



  2. Mary Ramm says:

    I just finished reading “Gone With the Wind”. It is a powerful, intense book. The movie, as I remember it, doesn’t nearly portray the emotions of the book. I can certainly relate to Scarlett with “I’ll think about it tomorrow”. I used to call it my “fantasy thinking”. Thanks for the post!


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