Running and Jumping

I am in so much pain today that I literally find it difficult to move. I some how walked to the bus stop today, moving like an old lady with stiff joints. What is the reason for this pain you ask…

Well, Saturday was a beautiful day. For the first time in months, there was hardly any snow on the ground and the sun was out, warm and shining. I was in such a good mood that when my roommate asked if I wanted to go for a run, I was all, YES! Forgetting entirely the fact that I have neglected the gym for almost a month now and, consequently, am in appalling shape.

I donned my running gear, braided my hair, and attempted to stretch. The two of us began to jog and I felt fantastic! The only time I felt horrible was going up the hills, but that was all over in the first half of the run. We went 4 (!) miles outside, and I was so proud of my-out-of-shape-self.

The next morning, I was like, OW! But again it was a warm day with a light drizzle. I worked all morning on some freelance stuff and felt like doing something active. So when my roommate asked if I wanted to run the reservoir, a little less enthused than the day before I was all, I guess so.

The entire trip was supposed to be about 5 miles. I was not very confident in my ability to run the whole way, but S didn’t seem to worried about it so I just manned up and started jogging. It was absolutely terrible. Every muscle in my body (even my shoulders) was screaming for mercy, and my brain was like, no! shut up! I will not look weak! My body won that battle after an incredibly steep hill sucked all of the life out of my legs–no amount of brain intervention could have powered me through.

Anyway, on top of being in considerable pain, we took a wrong turn. So instead of ending up on the trail along the reservoir, we were on a road above it. Geniuses that we are, we decided to jump the fence. I’m embarrassed to say that I whole-heartedly encouraged this stupid adventure, thinking I’ve jumped many a fence in my life time! This can’t possibly be that difficult.

The fence came up to my chest and was made of iron bars with pointed tops. The points were very close together and my shoe barely fit between them, but I hoisted myself up anyway. Mid-jump I thought, this isn’t going to end well. I felt my shoe held fast by the fence as the rest of my body soared through the air to the other side. I landed face down in the leaves and dirt with my foot caught in the iron fence.

So, there I am lying in the mud with my leg in a ballet position behind me–very un-ladylike I must say. Thankfully, S wasn’t quite as sure of himself as I was, so he was still available to help untangle me from the iron points.

My shoe was impaled on one of the iron points. So now I have holes in my shoes and a fair number of scrapes and bruises on top of sore muscles. However, my foot is intact, which was the topic of conversation on the run home: Thank god, no one’s foot was impaled on an iron fence in the middle of nowhere.

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2 Responses to Running and Jumping

  1. bearrunner says:

    Gotta love this time of year.. Spring is in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!



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