Gone with the Wind

Title: Gone With the Wind
Author: Margaret Mitchell
Publication: Macmillan 1936
Rating: 5 stars

I just finished all 1,448 pages of the classic Gone with the Wind. I must brag about the fact that I read it in under a week (however, that’s not so great a feat in light of the fact that E read it in like 2 days). I haven’t been so engrossed in a book in a while. That’s not to say I haven’t read any good books lately, but there are some novels that take you hostage, laying siege to your thoughts until you can’t think of anything else. You turn every single page, devouring them one by one. When it’s over, you’ve ingested it and the story sticks inside you. It becomes so much a part of you that it’s like looking through an old lens at something that happened to you a long time ago.

Scarlett O’Hara has been forever ingrained in my brain as someone to aspire never to be like and someone to admire. She is completely oblivious to people and how they work–hurting feelings and breaking hearts–but she has gumption and ambition, which is admirable. Margaret Mitchell masterfully crafts a protagonist that is a completely different person on page 1,448 than she was on page 1, but still fundamentally the same. It’s a brilliant blend of changing times and societies, a history lesson, a love story, a tragedy, and most of all a story of a person’s capacity for change. I actually feel like there is nothing more I can say about this novel to do it justice.

So, I suggest to anyone and everyone to read this book and not to be intimidated by the page count. It is honestly one of the best stories I’ve ever read; there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is rightly deemed a classic novel. And the movie is good too!!

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  21. Jillian ♣ says:

    This is my favorite novel of all time — ever. I’m so glad whenever I see that someone loves it. :)


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