So, I’ve been reading a lot of Publisher’s Weekly magazine. My boss gets them in the mail and I steal them, read them, and then return them before she even checks her box. I have informed her of my little klepto activity and she approves…so, I guess it’s not stealing, but that makes it sound a little more exciting/criminal.

Anyway, I was reading the newest issue today (because I am experiencing a serious work drought) and they mentioned an app called Storyville. For $4.99 you can download the app/subscribe to the site and they send you a short story every week for 6 months. I thought I was doing well with the New Yorker fiction podcast, but that’s just monthly. They intend to feature a variety of different authors, new and old.

This is beyond sweet. I thoroughly enjoy short stories and they are the perfect fit for reading on a mobile device like the iPhone. The screen is small and it’s annoying to read on that thing, but if the story is only 20 iPhone pages–deal. Obviously, I signed up. I just read three short stories at work. I probably should have saved them for the commute, but I got sucked in.

The guy who invented this is clearly very hip (Paul Vidich, a short-story writer–self promotion anyone??). His goal is to do for short stories what iTunes did for music. He wants to make it easy to download and read literature on mobile devices for the everyday person who gets bored in lines or doesn’t have a vessel for an actual book (aka: bagpurse).

Additionally, anthologies and collections of short stories are pretty hard to market/sell, so making them iPhone/iPad compatible really opens doors for making short fiction available to the masses–or at at least the masses that have iPhones/iPads.

Vidich wants to get 2,000 subscribers by the end of this year. Help a guy out. Become a short fiction junkie, but only if you own Apple products.

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