Weather, you fickle lady, you threaten to compromise my plans to spend the holidays with the Ramiliy! Yesterday, there was talk of a nor’easter coming through this Wednesday, the day before my flight to Arkansas. After the nightmare of canceled flight back in October, when I went to Tulsa for a long weekend, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I changed my flight, so that I leave before the snow storm!

But wait…I checked the weather today and the storm is coming in Tuesday (the day I leave). Like I said, inconstant! I’m just hoping that I will board the flight at the crack of dawn before the storm really takes off and will make it to the ARK, where I can relax (sort of).

Since I’m skipping  out on two days at the office, I’ll have do a couple of projects for work over the vacay. And finish my graduate school application. I forgot how much that process royally sucks. Nevertheless, I’m ecstatic! I must admit: I have been suffering from a mild bout of homesickness that will soon be cured!

This post has a lot of exclamation points!!

And I learned this word today, while playing nerdy vocab games: hebetude (hebetudinous). It means mental dullness or lethargy. The End. :D

About Natalie Ramm

I read a lot, y'all.
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