Ice Cream Cake

As I sit here eating ice cream cake (probably the best invention ever, next to vaccines and iPhones) from JP Lick’s, I am reminded of my Friday evening escapade. Not because it has anything to do with ice cream or cake, but because it induced a feeling so incredibly opposite from how awesome I feel right now eating this sugary, melty slice.

As you all know, Sunday was Halloween, which meant a FULL weekend of parties and trick or treaters. In a college town, like Boston, the parties/party-goers can get slightly out-of-hand. Since they started at about noon on Friday, by the time I left the office at 4:45, they were swarming the streets.

My plan was to leave work a little early and go the long way home–the way that passes the Goodwill on Com Ave. I desperately needed to find a costume for the Halloween party I would be attending later that night. Since I am poor and feel bad spending money on a Halloween costume (even though I really wanted to be Cruella di Vil), I planned to just grab something off the costume rack at Goodwill.

I waited for the bus for half an hour at Longwood Ave.–then road it to Kenmore and jumped on the 57 right away. There was a place to sit and everything! I thought, I am so lucky. We sat there at Kenmore. And sat there. People piled in one by one, then small clump by small clump–to the point where it was so packed that one lady was nearly sitting on my lap.

Finally, we started to leave. The toddler across the isle began to whine. We were at a stop light a block from the station, 5:30. At the stop light two blocks from the station, 5:45. The toddler started to scream. Two blocks from the station, 6:00. He’s still screaming. From where I was sitting I could see out the front wind shield of the bus. There was just a sea of cars as far as I could see, all stopped dead, while the pedestrians roamed free. I decided to get out and walk to Goodwill.

As is my luck and good timing, Goodwill was jam-packed with hipsters/college kids trying to dress up as corpse brides, lumber-jack men, and unicorns. I had absolutely zero luck finding a costume. Total. Waste. Of. Time.

So, I go stand in the cold to wait on another 57 bus. After 10 minutes of looking around in the store, not much has changed in the way of traffic. I get on the bus at 6:35. At 6:45 we approach Brighton Center and come to a dead stop. AGAIN. I let out an exasperated sigh and the girl next to me looked my direction. I decided to walk. My stomach was rumbling. I didn’t have a costume and still had to figure something out for the party.

I was so determined to beat the bus home in order to justify my  burst of frustration and impatience. I started walking so fast that I felt muscles in the front of my shins. which I didn’t even know existed, start to burn. I was panting slightly, but, by God, I was going to beat that bus. I got all the way to Oak Square before I heard it. Acceleration…puff…break…puff…acceleration…break…puff. It was all I could do not to burst into a jog. But the bus had to stop at the red light, which means NOTHING to me because I’m walking. I reached the bus stop as the bus was pulling up to the one on the other side of the street. The girl I was sitting next to stepped out of the bus and glanced over at me.

HA! Even though, I was sweating a tad, slightly out of breath, and had terrible muscle pains in my lower legs, I beat it. Take that bus! And patient girl, stepping nonchalantly onto the pavement!

I arrived home at 7:03 pm. Because of the insane amount of people/trick or treaters (it wasn’t even Halloween!) on the street, it took me TWO hours to get home. So, logically, I decided to boycott trick or treaters. However, that didn’t end up mattering because I didn’t have a single one all weekend.

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2 Responses to Ice Cream Cake

  1. Ellie Wheeler says:

    awww thats cute, you figured out how to change the colors of the words.


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