Wine Riot

Saturday night my roommates and I went to a wine tasting. It was an expo-style setup, tables loaded with reds, whites, in betweens, and bubbly. Each table had a collection of wine from a different winery, which specialized in grapes from different countries. Italy, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Australia, you name it and they were there.

I found Greece to have the most delicious reds! They also had a white that was very acidic, but on the sweet side. It was fabulous. The German wines were all very sweet and reminded me of Arkansas’s Wiederkehr wines (love that Alpine Rose!) probably because they all come from the same grapes.

We also went to seminars on different types of wine. There was a particularly interesting one on Vermouth, which people usually think of as an (optional) additive to a cocktail. However, it is really a “fortified” wine that can be very good on its own. We tried both the dry and the sweet; the dry was very bitter, and the sweet was almost syrupy, but when mixed together the result was pleasant. However, it’s not something I would want to drink much of.

The key to a tasting is the three Ss:  smell, savor, and spit. To avoid a massive head ache the next morning. But this was no tasting, it was a wine riot.


I enjoy box-wine quite a bit and I get grief from my current roommates constantly. They are apparently all wine snobs, but I came across this blog today: Box-wine is the FUTURE! Look out snobs.

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