When I was about 18, I started hearing my friends talk about googling people. Especially, googling boys that asked them out on dates–just to be sure they had no record of being a serial killer or having committed some other psychotic slash criminal offense.

These murmurings of googling boys turned into googling ourselves. Of course, boys are as paranoid as we are and are, consequently, googling us (potentially before they even ask us out), right? (ummm just for the record I’m almost positive they were definitely not doing that). So, in order to see what they would see, we would self-google.

Self-googling has always been enormously disappointing and boring. The internet knows I exist, but I apparently don’t do anything noteworthy. Needless to say, after doing it once or twice at 18, I haven’t really thought about doing it until TODAY.

If you haven’t noticed, I now have a blog, and I wanted to self-google and see if my blog showed up. It didn’t.


Dear Universe,

I think you have made an enormous mistake. By self-googling, I discovered that there is a Natalie Ramm (not me) working as an editor for Penguin Books in New York.  How did this woman with my name get my dream job at my dream company (not my dream city)? Not only that, but her blog appears in the search when mine does not.

Please explain,

The-failed-to-appear-in-google-search Natalie Ramm

About Natalie Ramm

I read a lot, y'all.
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3 Responses to Self-googling

  1. This would be very disconcerting– I agree


  2. Mark Ramm says:

    Haha! I’ve had a similar experience! Mark Ramm is an accomplished professor in England with a long list of published articles. Perhaps he is also the father of Natalie!


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