I had never been to an IKEA before I came to Boston. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. (You’re welcome for the free advertising, IKEA). You walk into this giant warehouse that seriously looks like something described out of a post-apocolyptic novel–you know, the kind where civilization is portrayed just before something catastrophic happens and it’s all huge boxy buildings and parking lots. It’s just this giant blue box with a yellow and white sign that says IKEA, surrounded by miles of empty parking lots. Miles is a slight exaggeration.

Inside they have living rooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchens, bedrooms, all set up as examples. It is beautiful. Mom, I’m sure you would hate it because it’s all made out of the absolute cheapest material available and you have to put everything together yourself.

Anyway, the point is: I went to IKEA, spent almost 3 hours looking at stuff, and left without purchasing anything. So my trip was completely pointless, except that I realized that I want to live in an IKEA.

When my mom called and said that shipping me furniture was not exactly economical, I decided to buy IKEA furniture online and have it delivered to my door! Below is a picture of what I got. No more sleeping on the floor and now I have drawers!

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1 Response to IKEA

  1. Susanna Brauer says:

    Cute! I LOVE the headboard!


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