P and Me

Over the weekend, my roommate, P, and I joined a gym. We now feel like adults and like we’re automatically in better shape. We signed up as a couple, because it’s cheaper that way, and since we are poor and collectively made less than $58,000 last year, we get another discount. Yay!

Feeling good about our new adult-status and improved physic, the two of us each got a coffee and hopped on the bus. Our goal was to spend some of our newfound income on things we “need,” so we went shopping downtown near North Station. The weather was almost perfect. Instead of taking the T, once we got downtown, we walked everywhere we wanted to go. I got to see so much of the city! We went to the sea port, walked through the park,  saw all the old downtown buildings (brownstones everywhere!), and of course we went to Urban, H&M, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Foot Locker (I bought some running shoes to go with my new gym membership). Thus, my weekend shopping spree–along with my recent plane ticket purchase–nearly broke the bank. I don’t think I will be allowed to leave the house (which is always a recipe for spending money) until the weekend.

On Sunday, P and I went to Harvard Square while our roommate S watched the Steelers game. Cambridge is absolutely lovely! It would be a dream to live there, but I hear it’s too pricey for pobre recent college grads.

Below is a completely random picture. Of ME!

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