Meeting friends, especially girl friends, in a new city is a bit challenging. The first week I was here I met two guys that are really nice and fun to hangout with through the person I was staying with. And, thanks to my lovely friend E in Houston and her roommate, I met two other very nice guys that recently moved to the city. However, they are both in graduate school, so they are consistently SUPER busy.

Notice a trend? I desperately need female friends! My friend in Miami seems to be having a similar problem. Girls seem to be so much harder to meet than boys.

So, I took it to the next level and went on a friend date last week. I had dinner with two girls who graduated from the U of A in 2009. They both recently moved to the city and are friends with someone I know in Little Rock. Thankfully, they were awesome. And I think there is some potential there. Here’s to hoping, anyway!

Then, of course, there are my three roomies. Two guys (it’s like they only come in pairs or something) and one girl. They are all really fun and laid-back. J is a great girl and she has a lot of female friends in the area, so I’m hoping to just merge into that friend group. Unfortunately, she is going out of town this weekend, so it’s me and the boys. We are all going out tonight and S is going to bring along a girl friend.

When you travel with a group of men, women tend to flock. Perhaps I will find the girl friend of my dreams! :)

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3 Responses to Friend-finder

  1. Marybeth Alley says:

    I love reading about your life in Boston. Heard you had din-din with Daniel. How was that? I want to visit boston. In your next Blog let us know about the weather, fall colors and all that. Can you send a picture of you in front of a building or something for my little class to see? So fun to know what you’re up to day by day. There are so many crazies out there…be careful about who you trust. I know you know this as I can tell you have a wise-sense about you. But sometimes an Aunt just needs to preach.
    Take care Natalie. Love, aunt MB


  2. natramm says:

    Daniel and I met up at Government Center on Friday. I was a little late getting off of work and he had already eaten, so we just hung out for an hour or so. I wish I could have spent more time with him over the weekend, but it was difficult to meet up.

    I’ll try to take pictures, the only problem is that I don’t have the hook up to my camera, so I have to take pictures exclusively with my iphone (and they aren’t that great). I think I’m going to record a video tour of my apartment and I can email it to you!

    Love ya!


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