No more floating!!

I found a home! I’ll be living in a nice area of town outside of the city. My lovely (perhaps not the most accurate word) new abode is a four bedroom that I will be sharing with one other girl and two boys. I can feel this enormous weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I feel light! Now, this apartment isn’t the most beautiful or modern building in the world, but it has everything I need. I’ve come to realize that I don’t actually need a whole lot to be content–maybe just a place where I can eat my own cereal and have a room where I can unload my giant suitcases.

One down and one to go. A JOB. I have an interview tomorrow that I’m going to kill (in a good way) and another on Friday with…dun, dun, dun…Barnes and Noble. And then I have an interview with a woman who needs a babysitter for her 13 year old son (I actually hope I don’t get this job).

On a very happy endnote, I am staying with a wonderful friend of a family friend that has the most beautiful apartment and is truly a delightful person. No more floating!!!!!!!

About Natalie Ramm

I read a lot, y'all.
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